Column written by Chair of Srmining 2015 in financial newspaper Diario Financiero

Francisco Veloso wrote a column entitled “A new perspective for development” which was published in the financial newspaper Diario Financiero.

Quechua Indigenous Community of Huatacondo and mining company Teck Quebrada Blanca to present together at Srmining 2015 conference.

The aim of their presentation entitled “Due diligence and dialogue: An early engagement case between the Quechua Indigenous Community of Huatacondo and Teck Quebrada Blanca” is to encourage a constructive dialogue and understanding between the community and the mining company.

Gecamin launches special promotion in September

Gecamin celebrates Chile´s Independence Day in September with a 18% discount on registration general category -not advanced registration-

Expert to speak on Canadian tailings spill during Tailings Seminar

Dirk Van Zyl, Professor of Mining and the Environment at the University of British Columbia in Canada, will deliver a plenary lecture on the lessons learned from the disaster caused by the dam of the Mount Polley mine.

Maplemin ended with great success and the third edition for 2016 was launched

Eduardo Ku, Chair of the event, stated that this type of seminar is a forum for sharing experiences and for making progress in addressing the challenges within the mining industry.

The Procemin 2015 program includes two technical visits to mining sites

Delegates will be able to visit Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi and the Andina Division of Codelco.

Alejandro Vásquez speaks about mine planning in AreaMinera

In its June issue, AreaMinera featured an interview with the Vice President of Production at Minera Escondida, Chile who also serves as the Mineplanning 2015 Chair.

Chair of Maplemin 2015 is interviewed by the Peruvian magazine Energiminas

In its May issue, Energiminas featured an interview with Eduardo Ku, Chair of the Maplemin 2015 and Plant Maintenance Manager for Chinalco Peru’s Toromocho Project.

Technical Coordinator of Water in Mining 2016 speaks about water management in El Mercurio

The academic from the University of Chile, Jacques Wiertz, was interviewed for an edition of Ediciones Especiales on desalination and the use of seawater.