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Final deadline to submit abstracts for Hydroprocess 2016

The seminar is accepting abstracts with a special focus on reverse osmosis and nanoflitration.

December 16 2015

Interested professionals are invited to submit their abstracts for the 8th International Seminar on Hydrometallurgical Processes by no later than January 5th.

The conference will cover the following areas of interest: base metals hydrometallurgical processes; hydrometallurgy of non-metals and saline compounds; hydrometallurgy of gold and silver: leaching, cyanidation and sorption processes; biohydrometallurgy and water treatment by biological methods; solvent extraction and ion-exchange; electrometallurgical processes; automation, modeling and optimizing of hydrometallurgical operations; innovation and developments in the hydrometallurgical processes; unit operations of hydrometallurgy; and recycling of metals and alloys.

Professionals are also invited to submit abstracts relating to reverse osmosis and nanoflitration.

Hydroprocess 2016, which will take place from June 15-17 in the Grand Hyatt Santiago Hotel, is organized by Gecamin and will be chaired by Percy Mayta, Plant Manager Oxides from Sierra Gorda SCM, Chile.

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