Enermin 2016 will present options on how to use energy efficiently

The 3rd International Seminar on Energy Management in Mining will take place from August 24-26 in the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago, Chile.

Special Leap Year offer!

Because a Leap Year only happens every four years, Gecamin is launching a special offer for 2016.

Generating a preventive culture and way of thinking are the main pillars of Safemining 2016

The seminar will take place from August 3 - 5 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago, Chile.

Gecamin launches a campaign to update your contact information

Gecamin launched a new campaign to update your contact information.

Renowned Lean expert will teach course in Minexcellence Seminar

Professor John Shook will teach a course on “Understanding Lean Transformation” on March 29 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago.

Gecamin launches special promotion for Australians

Gecamin celebrates Australia’s Day in January with a 15% discount applicable to the early bird registration fee for all registration categories for each 2016 conference.

The Mapla-Mantemin 2016 Congress will address optimization in the mining industry

The event will take place between September 7-9, 2016 at the Hotel Enjoy in Antofagasta, Chile.

Committee of Maplemin 2016 holds meeting in Lima

The Committee of Maplemin 2016 held its first extended meeting in the Marriott Hotel.

Rodrigo Subiabre speaks about his expectations for Minexcellence 2016

Nueva Minería y Energía held an interview with the Chair of the seminar in its December edition.