Committee of Maplemin 2016 holds meeting in Lima

The Committee of Maplemin 2016 held its first extended meeting in the Marriott Hotel.

Rodrigo Subiabre speaks about his expectations for Minexcellence 2016

Nueva Minería y Energía held an interview with the Chair of the seminar in its December edition.

Final deadline to submit abstracts for Hydroprocess 2016

The seminar is accepting abstracts with a special focus on reverse osmosis and nanoflitration.

Srmining 2015 brought together representatives from the academics, politicals and the mining industry world

The international Conference involved the participation of the President of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Vice-President of Sonami

Enviromine 2015 will address issues such as the environment and sustainability in mining

The 4th International Seminar on Environmental Issues in Mining, Enviromine 2015, is an opportunity to share best environmental practices within the mining industry.

Procemin 2015 will address issues such as energy efficiency and the management of concentration plants

The 11th International Mineral Processing Conference will create opportunities to encourage a more sustainable development in mining industry operations such as modeling, simulation and process design.

Srmining 2015 will offer a previous course on mining and social responsibility

The course will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge on mining activities through a vision of development and social progress.

Enviromine 2015 will run short courses on mine waste management and environmental impact

The workshops will be an opportunity to share knowledge on mine waste management, acid drainage and environmental consequences.

Chairman of Procemin 2015 discusses mineral processing, planning and development

Dalibor Dragicevic was interviewed by the magazine New Mining and Energy for a report entitled “Mineral Processing: Towards Greater Efficiency”.