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Generating a preventive culture and way of thinking are the main pillars of Safemining 2016

The seminar will take place from August 3 - 5 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago, Chile.

February 17 2016

Despite that fact that the Chilean mining industry has made significant progress with regards to occupational health and safety (OHS), it still faces challenges which must not affect the productivity of mining sites. 

The First International Seminar on Safety and Occupational Health in Mining, Safemining 2016, will be a technical forum where participants will be able to share, debate and give thought to the current practices in OHS and how to achieve a preventive culture. The seminar will take place from August 3 - 5 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago, Chile.

Organization and strategies for occupational health and safety; behavior and preventive practices in occupational health and safety; fatigue, ergonomics and psychosocial factors in the workplace; safety technology and equipment; regulatory framework and regulations; and risk management systems are just some of the topics that will be discussed.

Safemining Technical Coordinator, Maritza Henríquez, stated that: “Evidence that occupational health and safety has improved in the mining sector is conclusive. An understanding of how to address risk has been developed and we have learned from standards, practices and better working conditions. However, we need to continue work in this area as there are still gaps to be bridged with regards to fatal or serious fatalities.” 

The seminar -organized by the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC), Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), the University of Queensland, Australia; and Gecamin- will be chaired by Guillermo Cavalli, Safety and Occupational Health Manager, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile; while Robin Burgess-Limerick, professor of Human Factors, MISHC, University of Queensland, will participate as co-chair. 

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