Innovations in ore recovery to be presented at the 20th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium

The meeting, to take place in Antofagasta, Chile boasts a technical program including a total of 184 oral and poster presentations from 34 countries which will address areas related to various industries.

On behalf of the industry, Mapla and Mantemin promise to share experiences in mining maintenance

Nearly 350 participants attended the well-known meetings which reflected on the challenge of efficient maintenance; based on specific methods or simple techniques.

Maintenance strategies from large mining companies will be presented at Mapla and Mantemin 2013

Studies and experiences from El Teniente, Los Bronces and CAP Minería Minas El Romeral form part of the technical program which includes 62 presentations from 12 countries. Both meetings will take place in parallel from September 4-6 in Santiago, Chile.

Sustainability in mine maintenance will be the central theme in the Mapla and Mantemin 2013 seminars

A total of 54 articles from 12 countries form part of the technical programme for both meetings which will take place from 4-6 September in Santiago, Chile.

Innovation regarding mining tailings marks the Tailings 2013 programme

A total of 49 presentations from 14 countries as well as a discussion panel that will analyse the behaviour of dams during the 2010 earthquake make up the technical programme for the First International Seminar on Tailings Management.

Geomin and Mineplanning seminars serve as a forum to share experiences in underground mining

The meeting brought together close to 300 geology and mine planning professionals to discuss projects being developed in Chile and Australia, amongst other subjects.

The experience of the largest fleet of autonomous trucks in the world will be presented in seminars Geomin and Mineplanning

The above case takes place in a Chilean operation and is one of a total of 73 presentations that make up the technical program of both seminars, including practical studies and experiences marked by innovation.

Hydroprocess 2013 ends with new challenges in the use of sea water and bioleaching processes

The seminar on hydrometallurgical processes took place over three days and included the participation of over 270 delegates and 45 presentations by authors from 11 countries.

Hydroprocess contributes to the improvement of hydrometallurgical processes

Sustainability and innovation are topics that form part of the seminar’s technical programme which includes 45 presentations by professionals from 11 countries.