Hrmining 2012 brings together important representatives from the mining industry to discuss human resources shortages

The Minister of Labour, Evelyn Matthei, and the President of the Mining Council, Joaquín Villarino, participated in the International Seminar on Human Capital Management.

More than 250 representatives from academia and the mining sector came together for the 2nd International Seminar on Human Capital Management in Mining- Hrmining 2012- where various topics were discussed over three days; placing special emphasis on the human resources shortage the industry is facing today.

The Minister of Labour, Evelyn Matthei, stated that today the main task for everyone in the sector is to align the formal educational system with the needs of the mining industry.

In this regard, she emphasised the importance of the Mining Council’s project called “Mining Skills Council” as it plays a significant supporting role and seeks to alleviate labour gaps in the sector by focusing on the training of new workers.

Joaquín Villarino, Executive President of the Mining Council, was also in attendance and presented the keynote speech “Human Capital Challenges in the Chilean Mining Industry.”

In his speech Villarino explained the scope of the Skills Council which among other aspects, seeks to standardise specific skill sets and project future labour needs. The results of the study will later be communicated to educational institutions.

The second version of Hrmining was organised by Gecamin and the Centre for Innovation in Human Capital at the Fundación Chile, and presided over by Alex Jaques, Vice-President of Human Resources at BHP Billiton Base Metals, Chile. The seminar´s technical programme was made up of more than 40 presentations by authors from 7 countries.