Check out the winners from our contact information update campaign!

The contact information campaign launched by Gecamin during February and March drew to a successful close. 

April 18 2017

The winners are:

5 free registrations to Gecamin conferences 

  1. Cecilia Quiñones
  2. José Luis Paredes
  3. Paul Maidstone
  4. José Patricio Valverde
  5. Carlos Mausbach

20 digital books published by Gecamin 

  1. Catherina Bleines
  2. Renzo Peirano
  3. Dario Morales
  4. Pia Hernandez
  5. Eduardo Flores
  6. Giovanni Gahona
  7. Nicolas Acuña
  8. Schultz Kenneth
  9. Andrzej Zablocki
  10. Alex Covarrubias
  11. Julio Cesar Miranda
  12. Eduardo Pérez
  13. Francisca Tabilo
  14. Javier Cruz
  15. Arnolds Contreras
  16. Pia Iglesias
  17. Aaron Silva
  18. Camilo Bravo
  19. Maria Carolina Ruz
  20. Natalia Hidalgo

Congratulations to everyone!

We will contact the winners directly to coordinate the collection of their prizes. 

We invite everyone to continue updating their information to stay connected and learn about future events.