Maplemin ended with great success and the third edition for 2016 was launched

Eduardo Ku, Chair of the event, stated that this type of seminar is a forum for sharing experiences and for making progress in addressing the challenges within the mining industry.

July 27 2015

The second edition of the International Seminar on Mining Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Maplemin 2015, which took place between 1-3 July at the Westin Hotel in Lima, Peru, closed with an attendance rate that was higher than the first edition proving that there is a strong interest within the industry for training in maintenance-related topics. 

Maplemin brought together more than 240 participants who attended 41 presentations, two plenary sessions and two panel discussions. The panel entitled "Design and maintenance for plant start-up: the example of SAG mill" was one of the highlights.  

 “It´s thanks to these types of seminars that we can gain a better understanding of the problems colleagues working in different parts of Peru, as well as in other countries, are facing. These events help to forge friendly relationships and communication allowing us to continue to move forward in addressing the existing challenges within the mining industry”, said Eduardo Ku, Maintenance Manager for Minera Chinalco and Chair of Maplemin 2015.

Edmundo Mares, Regional Senior Manager of Energy and Maintenance, Barrick South America, Chair of the 2014 edition of Maplemin and one of the Chairs for Mapla-Mantemin Congress in Santiago, Chile, stressed the importance of comparing experiences with other countries. “Maplemin allowed us to see how we are doing in Peru in relation to Chile and Argentina, for example, and if we are doing things right. Maplemin also showed us activities that are being done in other mining companies that we thought couldn´t be done. We learned a lot”. 

2016 Launch 

Maplemin 2016, which was launched during the closing ceremony, will be held in Lima in May next year. It will be chaired by Manuel Valverde  who is Maintenance Manager for Minera Las Bambas - MMG, Peru and who served as Co-chair of Maplemin this year.

“I believe that beginning to work already now on the next Maplemin will really help us to increase the number of attendees which in turn means that the experiences shared will be greater. Currently, this is the only opportunity for knowledge sharing that we have in the mining sector in Peru”, commented Mr Valverde. 

Maplemin 2015 was organized jointly by the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria del Peru (UNI), la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Gecamin.

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