Technical Coordinator of Water in Mining 2016 speaks about water management in El Mercurio

The academic from the University of Chile, Jacques Wiertz, was interviewed for an edition of Ediciones Especiales on desalination and the use of seawater. 

April 29 2015

Ediciones Especiales at El Mercurio interviewed the Technical Coordinator of ICARD-IMWA 2015 and Water in Mining 2016, Jacques Wiertz, who spoke on water management in the Chilean mining industry. 

The article commented on challenges the mining industry faces with the limited water supply and the options that desalination can offer. 

Moreover, the article mentioned the 5th International Congress on Water Management in Mining, Water in Mining 2016, which will take place from April 27-29 next year. 

To read the interview, click HERE. (Content only available in Spanish)

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