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Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia

The Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry was created within the Sustainable Minerals Institute of The University of Queensland, Australia in 2004 to develop new methods for accessing and managing surface and groundwater resources, new water treatment methods to control water quality, improved management of tailings decant and to develop cost-effective methods of 'dry' processing. The formation of CWiMI enabled a direct scientific focus to be developed within SMI on water related research.

The major challenges of sustainable development in the minerals industry over the next decade will focus on access to land and security of renewable resources, particularly water. The congruence of a long term decline in ore grade, greater throughput, and the processing of more refractory ore will lead to more extensive mine areas and depths, increased waste rock production, and a greater demand for water resources. Techniques, tools and methods are required to respond to the threats posed by increasing competition for water across all economic sectors and the environment. The Centre will continue to lead research in the areas of best practice water management and water quality research. In the future, the emergence of industry, government and community interest in water x energy interactions, cumulative impacts and sustainability will provide strong drivers for development of new and wider research programs in CWiMI.

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National Institute of Science and Technology on Mineral Resources, Water, and Biodiversity

The National Institute of Science and Technology on Mineral Resources, Water, and Biodiversity – INCT-Acqua offers an innovative, systemic, multidisciplinary and integrated approach to the problems arising from the interference of mineral and metallurgical activities on water quality, soil, air and aquatic biodiversity. Water is the framework for initiatives geared to innovation, scientific development, integration industry-society, capacity building and sustainable regional development. By addressing simultaneously forefront issues in the areas of aqueous processing of materials and biodiversity conservation, the Institute contributes to the development of the mineral industry whereas provides advances in environmental monitoring in target areas, thus contributing to policy making and fostering the concept of mining territories. The group is not aware of any other initiative in Brazil similar to the approach proposed here.

INCT-Acqua has a consolidated, transdisciplinary team able to provide the fundamentals for establishing new environmental visions to the mineral industry. The research topics are approached from the molecular level to industry operations, addressing genuine concerns of the society and industry in close collaboration with the public sector. This is a unique condition for scientific and technological innovation while providing accurate information that helps for better governance of the mining territories.

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Powering professional development for sustainable mining

Gecamin is a company with 18 years of experience organizing technical and international conferences for the mining industry. Our conferences aim to inform and inspire professionals from all over the world, fostering the exchange of best practices and innovative experiences.

Over 23,000 professionals have attended our events and have been trained in areas fundamental to the mining industry. These areas include Geology and Mining, Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Sustainability and Environment, Water and Energy, Maintenance and Automation, and Human Capital.

Gecamin seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the mining industry by openly addressing its most pressing concerns and by offering a platform for knowledge exchange that aims at identifying the most sustainable solutions.

In 2015, Gecamin organized 9 conferences and 9 courses, with a total of 696 technical presentations, gathering 2,416 delegates from 57 countries. Additionally, a total of 623 delegates from mining sites attended, and a book with the proceedings was published for each conference.

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