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Gecamin, Chile

Gecamin is a private, Chilean company created in 1998 that annually organises international technical events with the aim of informing and inspiring mining industry professionals, fostering the exchange of information, and sharing best practices and new technologies applied in mining. The goal of each conference is to bring together engineers, scientists, researchers, managers and operators to enable a focussed discussion on the latest developments and innovations with the ultimate purpose of establishing interdisciplinary networks of research and knowledge exchange. Through these conferences and training programmes Gecamin seeks to help the industry to openly address its most pressing concerns and find more sustainable solutions.

Gecamin organises seminars in partnership with institutions of strong technical excellence in mining such as the Universidad de Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland, Australia, among others.

In 12 years of operation, more than 12,000 professionals have attended our events and have been trained in the areas of paramount importance to the international mining industry. These areas include the following:

-Mine closure
-Environmental and social impacts assessment
-Water and energy management in mining
-Social responsibility in mining
-Clean technologies
-Paste and thickened tailings
-Mineral processing
-Mining plant and equipment maintenance
-Mine planning
-Mining unit operations
-Automation and control
-Solvent extraction

Each event organised by Gecamin features a great diversity of technical papers presenting case studies, applications as well as theoretical research and scientific findings. Every conference is documented by the proceedings containing carefully selected peer-reviewed papers. Prominent industry experts and academics bring their knowledge and experience to our events ensuring high standards of the proceedings and the technical programmes.

The next few years are expected to bring a much more positive economic outlook, allowing mining companies worldwide to activate or reconsider alternatives for greenfield and brownfield projects. Sustainability, water in mining and efficient energy use will remain the key focus areas throughout the major part of the industry. For this reason, Gecamin believes it is of great importance to share experiences and discuss alternatives and opportunities for improving operational processes and best practices with colleagues from around the world.

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Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia

The University of Queensland has a rich history of world class education and research associated with the minerals industry. The Sustainable Minerals Institute is building on this very strong base to expand and diversify minerals-related research and postgraduate education within the broad context of sustainable development.
Since its founding in 2001, SMI has embarked on the task of working with the industry to understand and implement the principles of sustainable development. Over the last six years, SMI has steadily built expertise related to sustainable development and it has engaged widely with the industry on a very diverse range of challenges with a sustainability focus.
The keys to SMI are the diversity of skills within the Institute and the capability to link these skills in novel ways. People with backgrounds in technical, environmental and social disciplines make up SMI. It is this blend of skills which allows SMI to make significant contributions to the advancement of sustainable development within the industry.
The SMI research themes are the following:

• Mining
• Mineral Processing
• Environment
• Risk and Safety
• Social Responsibility
• Water
• Sustainable Development
• Specialist Investigations
SMI today possesses a diverse range of skills relevant to the challenges of the Australian and International Minerals industry.  SMI and its Centres has within the one organisation the capacity to engage effectively with the industry from geology to mining, processing and disposal, with over-arching skills in risk and safety, environment, social responsibility and water.

Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) is one of six centres that form the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland. CSRM works to promote socially responsible practices within the minerals industry with the aim of ensuring that there are long term positive outcomes the communities and regions in which resource extraction occurs. The Centre conducts high quality applied research, delivers leading edge professional education programs and offers research-based consulting services. It has global reach, with particular experience in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.



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