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Marcelo Awad David Brereton
Chairman Co-Chair
Ximena Abogabir Dante Pesce
Co-Chair Co-Chair
Olga Cherepanova  
Seminar Manager  

We were very excited to initiate the series of international seminars on social responsibility in mining and host the first one in Chile. One of the aims of the SRMINING seminar was to promote an exchange of knowledge and ideas between industry practitioners and researchers working in the field of mining and social responsibility. It was gratifying, therefore, to see both groups so well represented in this extraordinary technical programme that was put together thanks to the efforts of the authors, reviewers and committees.

Also pleasing was the geographical spread of authors and delegates, with 33 countries and numerous companies and research institutions represented.  Mining is now well and truly a global industry and the opportunities for sharing experiences and learnings are many, as this seminar and the associated proceedings so amply demonstrate.

During the two full days of technical sessions the delegates were able to hear over 100 presentations that debated key issues in social responsibility, including SR standards...
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Over 500 delegates attended the first Srmining Seminar

SRMINING Seminar, held in Santiago on 19-21 October 2011, received an astonishing response from the international mining community gathering over 500 delegates from 32 countries.

Securing local community acceptance is one of the keys to a successful mining project.  Historically, mining companies and governments assumed that most communities would welcome the jobs and economic activity that large projects generate, but experience around the world demonstrates this to no longer be the case. Environmental concerns, conflicts over land and water use, low levels of trust in companies and political institutions,  heightened awareness of the rights of indigenous communities, increased scrutiny by civil society and international organisations, and greater connectedness between the opponents of mining all mean that companies can no longer afford to take for granted their ‘social licence to operate’.

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