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Universidad Catolica del Norte

Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

The Universidad Católica del Norte, with 60 years of history, is a public institution and forms part of the original group of universities in the National Higher Education System. Its highest principles are those of the Catholic Church. Guided by the values of Christian Humanism, its mission is to contribute to the constant search for truth, the development of individuals, society and community cultural heritage through teaching, research and outreach.

This institution was formed by a group of priests belonging to the Company of Jesus, together with Mrs. Berta González de Astorga, benefactor of the university, and began its functions on May 31 1956, as the eighth university in Chile and the third with a Catholic vocation.

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Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre – MISHC, Sustainable Minerals Institute - SMI, University of Queensland, Australia

The Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC) is one of six centers which comprise the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland, Australia. Established in 1998 through the support of international mining companies and the Queensland government, MISHC is recognized as a leading provider of minerals industry risk management education and services to the global mining industry. Areas of research strength include the prevention and management of principal hazards, risk management tools and techniques, and human factors and ergonomics.

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Powering professional development for sustainable mining

Gecamin is a company with 18 years of experience organizing technical and international conferences for the mining industry. Our conferences aim to inform and inspire professionals from all over the world, fostering the exchange of best practices and innovative experiences.

Over 23,000 professionals have attended our events and have been trained in areas fundamental to the mining industry. These areas include Geology and Mining, Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Sustainability and Environment, Water and Energy, Maintenance and Automation, and Human Capital.

Gecamin seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the mining industry by openly addressing its most pressing concerns and by offering a platform for knowledge exchange that aims at identifying the most sustainable solutions.

In 2015, Gecamin organized 9 conferences and 9 courses, with a total of 696 technical presentations, gathering 2,416 delegates from 57 countries. Additionally, a total of 623 delegates from mining sites attended, and a book with the proceedings was published for each conference.

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