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Previous Versions

Gecamin Conferences

Procemin 2016 conference shows new mining technologies and innovations

The almost 300 participants at the 12th version of the event participated in 61 technical presentations and 6 plenary presentations from October 26through 28 at the Hotel Sheraton, Santiago.

The 12th International Mineral Processing Conference, Procemin 2016, held October 26 through 28 at the Hotel Sheraton Santiago, gathered a large group despite the difficult scenario that challenges mining.

The almost 300 participants partook in 61 technical presentations and 6 plenary presentations at the event with a central focus on innovation as a necessity for mining. Developments in metallurgy, geology, geometallurgy and planning were also shared.

“This year we presented innovation as the focus in order to show new technologies, and we were able to get mining professionals to show technologies that their companies are developing”, affirmed the conference technical coordinator and Developmental Processes Consultant at Anglo American, Claudia Velásquez.

The Procemin 2016 Chair and Executive Director at J-Consultores, Jaime Sepúlveda, Ph.D, highlighted that “the program was finally able to reflect innovation as a unifying force that integrates all the activities from different areas in mining. There were many more presentations on innovation and optimization, and well done studies with respect to characterizing problems and finding solutions. The program was top-notch.”

Procemin-Geomet 2017

The next version of the conference was also announced during Procemin 2016 and will be held alongside the 4th International Seminar on Geometallurgy (Geomet), giving way to Procemin-Geomet 2017 which was welcomed by the participants.

“Having both seminars will provoke a greater focus on a geo-mining or metallurgical production. I expect more motivated synergy and more teamwork”, affirmed Claudia Velásquez.

Jaime Sepúlveda also affirmed that Procemin-Geomet 2017 will “integrate an area that in some ways should have been integrated earlier. Until now, they have been managed as separate disciplines, but the interaction between the two fields is quite robust and it is good that both areas know what the other is doing.”