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Mining company executives shared experiences at Minexcellence 2016

Between March 30th and April 1st, the First International Seminar of Operational Excellence in Mining, Minexcellence 2016, was held at the Grand Hyatt Santiago with a great turnout of mining company executives. The Seminar brought together 219 delegates who participated in the more than 45 presentations from 7 countries.

The technical program included works from other industries, in addition to mining-related companies, showing experience on the Seminar’s subject matter. “Extensive collaboration and interest was noticeable from every participant, eager to show what they had achieved and worked for in operational excellence, regardless of the company they were from,” said Rodrigo Subiabre, Chair of the Seminar. An example of this is Fernando Jácome, Vice President and CPO of Strategic Sourcing and Cost Management of the Latin American and Caribbean Hub on behalf of Scotiabank who presented, "An Effective Methodology for Reducing Costs without Affecting Quality".

Likewise, Jorge Gómez, CEO of Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, mentioned that "in seminars such as Minexcellence, experiences can be socialized. Human capital should be noted; that is the starting point that should merged with the tools offered by the market." In addition, he said that the development of operational excellence is an emerging topic in our country, but there is intentions to take it to a new level. "We are looking for new ways to improve productivity and reduce costs, areas directly tied to excellence. An example is to improve decision-making to make the organization more efficient".

2017 Seminar

During the event, the next version of Minexcellent was launched, to be held between March 29th and 31st, 2017, and to be chaired by the Vice President of Productivity and Costs of Codelco, José Antonio Robles. In this regard, the technical coordinator of the seminar, Laura Mottola, indicated that for the next Minexcellence she would like an open forum to discuss new ideas "so there can be a deeper interaction, more so than just technical documents, to promote learning and teamwork".