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Geomin-Mineplanning highlighted the relationship between planning and cost reduction

The seminars were run in parallel at the Enjoy Hotel in Antofagasta from 8 -10 July.

Over 90 papers from 8 countries were presented during the event and at least 30% of these were from mining company professionals. The event slogans were “Valuing base information to decrease loss in the mining business” and “Managing mining business in complex times”.

The technical coordinator of Mineplanning, Julio Beniscelli, noted that, during the event, the importance of the relationship between planning, increased productivity and reduced costs was highlighted.

In addition, delegates had the opportunity to discuss how to improve the return on assets and mining equipment, how to integrate planning processes in all relevant aspects of the mining business, and the impact of geomechanical aspects.

Meanwhile, the technical coordinator of Geomin, Irene Aracena, said that "it was a good experience to include universities in this edition of the event, as well as the support of academics who need to know the progress being made in the mining industry in order to be able to guide their students, who are future mining professionals".

For future editions, Aracena hopes to see a higher number of delegates in decision making roles as this will help make progress in incorporating important technical developments in companies.

Geomin Mineplanning was organized by the Universidad Católica del Norte, The Center for Innovation and Mining, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and Gecamin. Geomin was chaired by Patricio Zúñiga, Geoscience Director, Codelco and Mineplanning was chaired by Alejandro Vásquez, Vice President of Production, Minera Escondida was the chair for Mineplanning.