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Mapla - Mantemin 2016 gathered maintenance professionals

The 13th International Congress on Mining Maintenance, Mapla-Mantemin 2016, took place September 7 until 9 at the Hotel Enjoy in Antofagasta, Chile with excellent author participation and technical presentations.

The event was attended by 170 professionals who participated in 35 technical presentations, 6 plenary presentations, as well as a panel discussion.

“This congress is important because it assembles professionals from various mining operations and it helps us share experiences, good practices, and issues with the operations. We can often replicate these experiences and, in some cases, can expose opportunities for our own operations”, affirmed Manuel Valverde, Maintenance Manager for Minera Las Bambas, MMG, Peru.

Similarly, Freddy Lara, Corporate Director of Maintenance Manager at Codelco, commended on the internationalization of the congress, as it creates a space to share diverse experiences. “Often you give yourself time to reflect on things, that the day to day normally does not allow, to see the things that the rest of the industry is doing and bring yourself up to speed with certain types of concepts and knowledge for maintenance.”

The congress technical coordinator and maintenance consultant, Álvaro Endo, highlighted the presentations, which he considered to be “in line with the present industry situation.”

"There were a lot of works about equipment updates and, at the moment, the industry is attracted to the idea of upgrading for when the moment comes to have higher price cycle, the plants can be prepared, with confidence and even greater production capacity”, he stated.

Mapla - Mantemin 2017

For 2017, Mapla-Mantemin will be back in Santiago, to take place September 6 until 8. For the 14th version, Manuel Valdeverde commented on his expectations for continued developments “on asset management, to maximize their life cycle, a factor that affects us greatly in times of crisis.”

Freddy Lara proposed extending the invitation to other areas of maintenance, not specifically mining, like aeronautical and forestry.

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