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Increased productivity and operational excellence were key themes at Mapla-Mantemin 2015

The 12th International Congress on Mining Maintenance was attended by over 250 delegates who took part in 60 technical presentations.

Previously run as two separate events (Mapla and Mantemin), this year, the 12th International Congress on Mining Maintenance, Mapla-Mantemin 2015, was merged into one and was focused on increased productivity and operational excellence.

The congress, organized by Gecamin, took place from September 9-11 in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Santiago and was attended by over 250 delegates who took part in 60 sessions.

Edmundo Mares, Regional Senior Manager of Energy and Maintenance for Barrick South America, Peru and Chair of Mapla 2015 emphasized that “this event, which has exceeded my expectations, fills a void which exists in Peru. It strengthens the knowledge exchange between the Chilean and Peruvian industry”.

Mauricio Larraín, General Manager, Division El Teniente, Codelco and Chair of Mantemin 2015 stated that “these local events are enriching because they allow us to share our experiences and knowledge and, from a maintenance perspective, help to make the industry more competitive and recognized in the development of the country”.

Guillermo Cavalli, Occupational Health and Safety Manager for the El Teniente Division, Codelco, also gave his view on these types of seminars by saying: “we fulfilled the main objective which was the transfer of knowledge to enable us to be more resourceful, productive and efficient. We are faced with an important challenge with the drop in copper prices and therefore it is important that maintenance professionals are present at such events”.

The technical program included a panel discussion “Strategy for maintenance management in hard times: a look at long-term" were participants discussed their different points of view and emphasized the cooperation and the work as a whole like union points to optimize the scenario. This panel was moderated by Edmundo Mares; and participatd Hector Luco, Manager of Maintenance Management Minera Los Pelambres; Claudio Sougarret , Plant Manager of El Teniente, Codelco; Nelson Trejo, Business Manager Parts & Services Atlas Copco; and Sergio Dubó, Senior Maintenance Engineer Outotec.

In addition to the presentations, a short course on maintenance management, cost reduction and increased productivity in equipment and people was run by Mabel Opazo and Wilson Bernardo Junior, Flow Partners.