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Gecamin Conferences

Mapla Committees

Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

  • Edmundo Mares
    Chair Mapla
    Regional Senior Manager of Energy and Maintenance, Barrick South America, Peru
  • Héctor Luco
    Past President 2014
    Maintenance Manager, Cía Minera Los Pelambres, Chile
  • Carlos Barahona
    Executive Director
    Gecamin, Chile
  • Víctor Babarovich
    Technical Coordinator
    Gecamin, Chile
  • Fabiola Bustamante
    Gecamin, Chile

Directing Members

  • Guillermo Cavalli
    Occupational Health and Safety Manager, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile
  • Bruno Schiappacasse
    Director of Reliability and Continuous Improvement, Gabriela Mistral Division, Codelco, Chile
  • Guillermo Yáñez
    Strategic Maintenance Manager, Kinross Gold Corporation, Chile

Advisory Committee

  • Manuel Alva
    Maintenance Manager - Mine Division, Servicios Administrativos Peñoles, Mexico
  • Gerardo Delgado
    Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager, Minera Escondida, Chile
  • Javier Franco
    General Manager, JavFrank Contratistas S.A.C, Peru
  • Luis González
    Maintenance Superintendent, KGHM Sierra Gorda, Chile
  • Jay Lee
    Ohio Eminent Scholar & L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor School of Dynamics Systems, University of Cincinnati, USA
  • Carlos Morales
    General Manager and Senior Consultant, Ingeniería La Cumbre, Chile
  • Eduardo Nilo
    VP Service Sales South Cone, Mining and Construction, Metso Minerals, Chile
  • Genaro Pérez
    Associate Executive Director, ACT Consultores, Chile
  • Juan Quispe
    Asset Maintenance Management Manager, Minera Centinela, Chile
  • Manuel Rodríguez
    Maintenance Superintendent, Minera Los Filos, GoldCorp, Mexico
  • John Woodhouse
    Director, The Woodhouse Partnership LTD., UK

Technical Committee

  • Cesar Arróspide
    Project Manager, Cía. Minera Zaldívar, Barrick, Chile
  • Víctor Barrientos
    Mine Maintenance Mabnager, Jefe Mantenimiento Mina, Cerro Negro, CAP Minería, Chile
  • Álvaro Endo
    Maintenance Consultant, Ingenieria La Cumbre, Chile
  • Edgar Estupiñan
    Asociate Professor, Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile
  • Vladimir Fierro
    Business Engagement Lead, BHP Billiton, Singapore
  • Mallén Gajardo
    Automation Specialist Engineer, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile
  • Fredy Kristjanpoller
    Master in Asset Management Academic Coordinator, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Edwing Pulvermuller
    Maintenance Superintendent, Cía. Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile
  • Luis Sánchez
    Academic, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile
  • Enzo Schatter
    Professor, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Raúl Stegmaier
    Director of the Industries Dapartament, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Mario Troffé
    Engineer Specialist, Skanska, Argentina
  • Víctor Vergara
    Academic, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile
  • Alexis Vilca
    Business Development Manager, Mining Networks, Chile