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Mine site automation and modelling were prominent themes at Hydroprocess 2015

The city of Antofagasta played host to Hydroprocess 2015, the 7th International Seminar on Process Hydrometallurgy which took place from July 22-24, 2015 in the Enjoy hotel. The event was well received by mining professionals and a total of 277 delegates attended the 62 presentations that were included in the technical program. 

Among the highlights of the seminar were the presentations on modelling using automated systems. Fernando Valenzuela, Technical Coordinator, highlighted that “these presentations were really impactful because mine operations, in particular in large-scale mining, are extremely big and the only technical solution is automation.

Percy Mayta, Plant Director at Sierra Gorda SCM, emphasized the importance of sustainable hydrometallurgy as the main challenge is to continue to ensure that the hydrometallurgical process is sustainable in the future. He stressed the relevance of these conferences because they “help to refresh ideas, they allow delegates to learn what other companies are doing, and they enable us to try to bring ideas together and put them into practice.

The 2016 iteration of Hydroprocess will take place in Santiago in June and will be chaired by Percy Mayta.  

Hydroprocess 2015, which was organized by the Universidad de Antofagasta and Gecamin, was chaired by Sergio Álvarez, General Manager, Cathodes, Minera Escondida, BHP Billiton.