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Gecamin Conferences

A note of thanks from the Organizing Committee

The 3rd International Seminar on Energy Management in Mining, Enermin 2016 Executive Committee appreciates over 109 attendees from 10 countries at Enermin held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile.

In this opportunity, 35 lectures on relevant topics such as the implementation and management of energy use management systems, energy efficiency, incorporation of renewable energies, cogeneration, use of residual heat, quality and continuity of energy supply, among others.                                         

We are particularly grateful to:

  • The authors, for their invaluable technical contributions and willingness to share their knowledge and experiences
  • The Technical Committee, for their collaboration to the revision of abstracts and articles
  • The Advisory Committee, for their contribution to promote the seminar
  • The co-organizing institution, the Energy Center of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Universidad de Chile
  • The sponsors, for their generous support
  • Media partners, for their assistance in promoting the seminar and bringing updated information to the public in a timely manner

And last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the technical discussion of presented works, which contributed to the success of the third Enermin seminar.


Executive Committee

Enermin 2016